Saturday, January 1, 2011

Veena ki jawani

I am sad. Very sad. I have been following the informative and useful TV show- Bigg Boss Season 4- for quite a while now. Who is interested in watching a 40+ Salman, a dumb Khali, the perpetually preggers, foul mouthed Dolly or any of the other mundane contestants? The real interest in the show was actually kindled by our Pakistani guest- Veena Malik.

She has been evicted and the madness in the show seems to have gone out with her. I have never seen a woman who is as off her rocker, full of herself and as manipulative as Veena Malik. I love women who know exactly what they want and act as if they don't know anything. Veena Malik is definitely that kind of a woman. She knew that nobody knew her this side of the border except for her liaisons with some obscure Paki cricketer. So she made sure that people got to know by first indulging in petty skirmishes and then flirting with the guy she had fought with. Then, all of a sudden, she got physical in public with Ashmit Patel.
I think that was the EUREKA! moment. Both Veena and Ashmit knew that if anything would work with the public, it was this. If both of them have anything worthwhile to talk about themselves, it has to be their looks. Veena has a bit of acting talent as well. Ashmit is wooden on and off screen.

Rakhi Sawant has lost her touch of crassness and her ill-mannered tamashas on the telly have become a bit repetitive. Her loud-mouthed antics and main-hoon-bhartiya-naari proclamations with silicone boobs popping out all the while have become old hat. We need new mad women on TV who can shout, cry, wail, complain and do all the drama to provide us some wholesome entertainment. We need to outsource the bitch of the Indian idiot box! We need Veena Malik!

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