What is Pappuism?

Pappuism is a new world changing ideology. It's based on the common man, or in Indian parlance, the PAPPU.

The common man of India, or anywhere in the world for that matter, does not concern himself with unimportant things. Things like national progress, national security, religious intolerance, inflation, economic instability etc. are, in reality, of little or no consequence to the common man. The Pappu wants a normal life. A protected, peaceful, unfettered life. Give the Pappu roti, kapda, makaan and enough sex and the world is peaceful place.

Pappuism has no definition. And yet everyone knows what it is. If you are not a politician, prostitute, tyrant, religious leader, bar dancer, dog or Pamela Anderson; you are a Pappu. If you are a Pappu, you know what is Pappuism. Yes, you do, trust me. So why bother explaining what is Pappuism when you know what it is already.