Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jessica killed it

What do you get when you have a good script based on a pertinent issue, two able leading artists, good editing and direction, and appropriate music? A good film, obviously. In this case, we had another important element that makes the audience go to watch a movie- good publicity- with Rani and Vidya 'kissing' each other at every press do.

'No one killed Jessica' is far cry from the silly publicity stunts of the two leading actresses. It is a hard-hitting piece of cinema, under the able direction of Ram Kumar Gupta. Gupta, who directed the critically acclaimed 'Aamir' uses a similar style of narration as he did for his earlier film. The scenes shift between various time lines, places and different characters, all blending into one seamless sequence of events. 

The audience knows about the famous Jessica Lall case and its outcome. But hardly does anyone have an idea as to what exactly went on in the court proceedings. We don't know how the media played their part in conducting exposés to uncover the sheet of lies shrouding the case. It is these aspects that the director chooses to concentrate on instead of getting into overt melodrama to make an impact. A tight script sans frills and fine characterization enhances the impact of the movie.

Vidya Balan is apt in her role as Sabrina Lall. But the character of Meera Gaity, executed with panache by Rani Mukherjee' takes the cake. Rani plays the ruthless bitch of a reporter with aplomb and makes us fall as much in love with her character as Vidya manages to tug on our heartstrings with Sabrina's portrayal.

The casting team has to be commended for their choice of the leads and their choice for the character of Jessica - Myra Karn- who resembles Jessica a lot and does a passable job in portraying her as well.

All in all, this movie will make you a part of the candlelight vigil for Jessica, even while you sit watching the movie on the screen. A good start to the new year and a must watch as well.

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