Thursday, October 20, 2011

Does Islam degrade women? Upgrade women? Downgrade women?

Case in point, the video above.

I wonder what happens if one of the ninjas veiled beauties gets lost in the crowd.

Sister Fatima (to sister Ayesha): Sister, did you see sister Mehnaz?

Sister Ayesha: Yes, here she is (points to lady in mobile tent veiled beauty next to her).

Sister Farah: No, no sister Ayesha. I am sister Farah! Sister Mehnaz went to take a leak.

Sister Ayesha (to sister Fatima): Sister, sister Mehnaz has gone to answer nature's call, this is sister Farah. Sorry about that.

Sister Fatima: That's Sister Farah? I thought you were sister Farah! Which sister are you then, sister?

Phew! I don't understand how these women in dustbin bags veiled beauties manage to work in such a situation. I guess they must be thanking the great Allah for giving humans enough intellect to invent a mobile phone.

Anyway, I wonder what was the point of that question "Does Islam degrade women?"

I mean, Islam is a religion. And unless you are in Saudi, where the religion is the constitution, how can a religion degrade, upgrade, downgrade or for that matter, grade a person?

Secondly, if the questioner has such doubts, then why is she following the religion?

Was the question specifically 'planted' so that the non-Muslims in the crowd (there was at least one sister who did not resemble a female darth vader veiled beauty) could clear their misunderstandings?

Very, very confusing. And very mysterious too, veils and all!

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  1. इस्लाम में औरतों की क्या हैसियत है?