Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not again!!

Blasts in Delhi high court. What to write about it? There will be another round of heated discussions on the telly. Fake sorrow expressed by global leaders and 'condolence' messages from people we don't care about. Political leaders will make funny statements with fancy phrases like 'never-die spirit' and other such inane words strung together.

At least, this time we know who did it because they have apparently claimed responsibility. Case in point, we are still clueless about the last set of blasts in Bombay.

The most ridiculous thing is the reason behind the blasts. Reportedly, the perpetrators want a mercy petition to be granted to terrorist Afzal Guru. I mean, what's the point? Why is he useful to anyone now?

Clearly, this is nothing more than an attack on India, its judicial system and the soft stance that we take with regards to Islamic terrorism (or any other kind of terrorism) in India.

The big reason that there have been no terrorist attacks of note in the US after 9/11 is that the US sent a clear message to the perpetrators - 'If you dare to attack the US, be ready for total destruction and chaos in your country.'

We need to send a similar message to the terrorists (Internal or external) who so audaciously conduct such operations in India. Merely strengthening the internal security system is not enough. The morale of the terrorists has to be broken.

Moreover, this is what happens when you keep delaying the death sentence of a convicted terrorist. What next, a blast requesting the mercy petition of Kasab?

As usual, the drama will unfold. News channels have found new fodder after the Anna Hazare case and  there will be more discussions while terrorist groups across the border work overtime to execute the next dastardly act.Within the next one month, this will die down and people will be back to work until the next bomb blast.

Sad. I just hope they execute that terrorist at least. ASAP. Not that it will change anything, but at least to assuage the anger of the people.

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