Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aisa kya hai Masala Maggi mein?

Women are very picky nowadays. Gone is the age when they used to look for the thoughtful, kind and importantly, rich man. Nowadays, women are quite rich themselves. As far as thoughtful and kind is concerned; well, when has a man ever been thoughtful or kind towards a woman (other than his wife) unless he wants to sleep with her? All that women seem to look for in a man is a good body. This phenomenon is fueled by visuals of fit Bollywood heroes who strip down as effortlessly for a maa-beta scene as they do for a fight sequence.

Basically, if you aren't fit, you aren't getting any. This is a situation which requires undivided attention and immediate action as far as sexually motivated individuals like yours truly are concerned. In fact, I have become so paranoid that I make sure to read the nutrition information given at the back of each packet of milk, biscuits, cereals and other assorted foods. Coffee has given way to green tea at the office coffee machine, even though I am of the opinion that green tea tastes like warm diluted sewage. My morning starts with a bowl of oats, which look and feel like baby vomit. But I endure the torture of all this plus a grueling fitness regime because I need some. Badly.

It's late, and I am sitting with a bowl of Maggi noodles in my hands. I have no desire to cook for myself after late workdays, and the instant noodles are a savior. Plus they have been a childhood favorite. When I switch on the TV, there is an Ad for Maggi. It goes : 'Aisa kya hai meri masala maggi mein?'

Honestly, I never bothered to check that. But my latest fitness paranoia  made me flip the pack to find out what Masala maggi contains after all? Well, a little bit of high-tech research (read google-ing) gives the following results:

The noodles contain : Maida, oil, salt, wheat gluten , guar gum (thickening agent) and Mineral 170i (calcium)

In short, the noodles have carbs, fat and added calcium.
The flavoring has 13.4% of spices. The rest of it contains:

* Garlic and onion powder
* Hydrolysed groundnut protein
* Sugar
* Vegetable Oil
* Edible starch
* Guar gum
* Mineral (508) - Potassium Chloride
* Acidifying agent (330) - Citric acid
* Flavor enhancer (635) - Disodium 5'-ribonucleotides (click on link to read more)
* Raising agent (500(ii)) - Sodium carbonates 

So aisa kya hai meri masala maggi mein? Well, a whole load of empty calories, that's what!

But what the hell, it is fast, easy and tasty! And it creates an illusion that you have actually cooked something yourself instead of buying stuff from outside.

And healthy? Well, it does seem to contain calcium, potassium and groundnut protein (This is actually added to improve flavor and texture. not for nutrition.). And that's how I brainwash myself into thinking that the stuff is actually good for me as I reach for another pack of meri Masala Maggi!

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