Monday, May 2, 2011

Davy Jones' Locker gets a new visitor

Yes, that's right. The internet has been abuzz with the reports of the death of Osamaji and his suspicious 'sea burial'. The news of his death came as a surprise, the sea burial was even more surprising. The only thing that wasn't startling at all was that Osama was found in Pakistan. We Indians knew it all along, after all. See, Mr. Obama, your pet dog was harboring and protecting a parasite, we told you so!

But Pappu is not convinced. Had they shown a proper video of Osama being killed, or at least some gruesome, grisly, mutilated remains of his body; I would have believed the first black President of the USA. But no, no video, no pictures, only an insignificant video with flippant comments from Obamaji. The rest of the already fishy affair goes to the fishes with Osama's body. Very, very fishy Mr. Obama.

Most of the Muslim world and a quarter of America already believes that 9/11 was an inside job. Just as 90% of Pakistan believes that Ajmal Kasab was actually Ranjit Singh from some obscure pind in Indian Punjab.

Now we have fodder for more conspiracy theories. 90% of the Muslim world will now speculate on two things:

1. Osama was killed ten years ago. As America has done with looting Afghanistan and plundering Iraq, they are releasing the news now.

2. Osama is not dead.

Whatever be the case, at least this Indian Pappu is not buying a word of what Obamaji is saying until they release a proper grisly video/pic.
I am depressed that America is better than India at everything (Except peeing/crapping in the open and creating filth on the roads. That nobody can beat us at.). They even lie better than our own Indian politicians!! Sonia/ Mannuji Kuchch seekho Obama se!

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